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tile flooring

Tile Flooring in Farmington, NM

Tile Flooring in Farmington NM

Replace the outdated and faded floors in your home with one of the tile flooring options available at our showroom. When you visit our professionals, we help you pick floors that make a statement about your personal style, but that also provide the functionality you need in your home. Our design specialists make it easy to transform your interior space into something that feels a lot more like your home.

Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or your entire house, you can trust us for the high-quality and versatile solutions you are looking for. We carry a wide selection of top-quality brands of slate, porcelain, and ceramic tile, including Floorcraft, Design Distinctions, American Olean, HomeCraft, and Dal-Tile. This means no matter what you pick, you know your new floors are built to last.

Our showroom is stocked with virtually every type of flooring you could possibly want—and within our thousands of flooring samples; our tile selection is very expansive. Choose porcelain tile with a pristine sheen, slate tile for an earthy vibe, or anything in between. Our sales associates are always happy to help you find what you’re looking for. Even if you’re not sure what would look best in your space, we are here to assist. All you have to do is set up a consultation and tell us about your personal style, lifestyle, flooring goals and budget. With that information, we can limit your search to the few samples we know you’ll love. From there, our design experts can give you a clearer picture of what your new floors will look like in your home so you can feel confident in your final purchase decision.

Perfect Tile Options for Any Style

Unleash your creativity when you choose from our selection of ceramic tile products. This traditional floor tile is made from natural materials, and is very easy to cut and fit into a wide range of patterns and designs. While you can stick to a solid color and pattern, you don’t have to. Our specialists can help you come up with a unique design that no one else will have. We want to help you see that your floors can be an extension of your personality and creativity. When you work with our professionals, your floors will be unlike anything your guests have seen.

One of the most attractive benefits of our tile is that it’s extremely easy to clean. Because of the top coat of glazing, tile becomes nearly impenetrable by liquids. This means you can spill water, coffee, or red grape juice without fears of staining your new, beautiful floors. Simply wipe it up and carry on with your day without any evidence of spillage. Tile’s moisture-resistant surface also protects your home from mold and mildew; which means your whole family can breathe easier. Ceramic tile has been used in the finest homes for centuries, and this historic approach to flooring can now become a part of your home.

When you need a stronger type of flooring that can withstand heavy traffic and moisture, our selection of porcelain tile is perfect for you. This product is denser than ceramic tile, so it is well-suited for outdoor settings like pools and decks, as well as indoor spaces like kitchens and foyers. Both ceramic and porcelain are easy to clean and won’t require the use of harsh chemicals or cleaners to maintain.

Establish a remarkable foundation for interior living when you choose any of our slate tile options for your home or business. This type of flooring offers a stunning array of textures that are unique to each tile. The natural look integrates well with a wide variety of design themes. Although it doesn’t have as many color options as other types of tile flooring, the colors it does offer are one-of-a-kind.

Like porcelain, slate tile is also extremely durable. Many people love the look of slate in outdoor areas; being made out of a natural substance, it blends well with nature settings. Others prefer to use it in their kitchens, living rooms, or bathrooms to bring a little bit of nature inside. No matter where you want to install it, when you get our slate installed by one of our trained professionals, you get a fit that will last for years.

Providing Professional Design & Installation Services

Are you a business owner who thinks you can’t find anything at our flooring store? Think again. Not only do we provide superior solutions to homeowners in the community, but we also cater to our commercial customers’ needs. We know a pristine appearance is essential for enticing new customers into your business. With new, shiny tile flooring in your entryway, anyone who walks through your doors will be impressed.

Bring in your design ideas and any samples you may have, and our team of design specialists can help you find the right product for your business space. You have many options, ranging from slate to ceramic tile, and we ensure you get the best fit for your unique space.

Protect your flooring and avoid potential repair costs down the road by working with our tile flooring installation team. We focus on your complete satisfaction, and you can save money by working with our trained specialists. The right fit can make a difference in the lifetime of your flooring investment. With our tile flooring installation services, you won’t have to worry about finding the time or contractor to install your new floors. Our installers have experience installing many different types of tile, so you can rest assured that your new floors will be installed right the first time.



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